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"I love those moments of seeming vacuousness because they lull you into not paying attention if you’re not careful. But does god only appear in lush glens and silent nights? Does she only appear when we are feeling pristine, composed and calm? Certainly not. They do not divide, the way our minds do, between sacred and profane. "

Exactement! 'God sees (and judges harshly) everything but he discreetly averts his gaze when you're taking a dump or vomiting' is a very stupid idea. To think He is totally paying attention when his (or her!) creations are out in public but hey, his is so embarassed by his creations' poop implies that God has the sensibilities of a prissy 50-year-old nanny who has serious body shame issues and would really prefer if his creations had actually been talking Pez dispensers is to have totally lost the plot. Way back there, presuming one ever had a handle on the plot in the first place.

Some sacred space pour toi - VIDEOTAPEMUSIC - Sultry Night Slow: https://youtu.be/JFMwvx6ZeLo


that song is coming in handy during venus rx

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