Enjoyed learning more about the houses from your lens! I certainly FEEL my gifts and devotions in the liminal, but had not understood how the houses influence that. My sun is in the 12th, my 3rd is the most concentrated and Ive got a couple of happenings in the 9th. Your translations clarified and confirmed my me-ness as normal for me :-)

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May 15, 2023Liked by Chloe Margherita

¨I think about the above phrase a lot because I think the idea of “movement” just means doing *something* to engage with the present moment, whether that be spending time with plants, wearing white on Mondays to strengthen your Moon or eating peppers if you want to be more bold.¨

I have so many plants to stick in the ground at the moment I´m not going to be picky about which ones I´m hanging out with. 😇🌻


i was still thinking about the muses

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